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Remember The Milk (RTM)

Although Eugene loves OmniFocus, I am partial to Rememberthemilk.com. I knew about the service a long time ago, but only found it useful within the past month or so. The latest version of the app is pretty close to perfect for my needs. I'll tell you why...

We use FogBugz for project tasks, Basecamp for communication, and Beanstalk for code communication. When it comes to personal tasks I always used pen and paper. It just worked for me. Recently things have been really busy while supporting the growth of Beanstalk, so I needed a better option that would work across mobile, laptop, and desktop environments. I decided to give RTM a try again when I watched them present at FOWA.

So far, I am very impressed. Here is a list of the things that bring the most value for me:

  • Offline use with Google Gears
  • Great keyboard shortcuts for fast access and navigation
  • Simple concept, just normal to-do lists with nice organization options
  • SMS and email support for reminders and entering tasks
  • Customizable with tags and lists
  • Ability to share tasks with another RTM user (great for my fiance and I)

So far it is really working well. Most of my ideas or tasks come to mind when I am away from the computer. So being able to quickly post on my phone or email the task helps a lot. I have been so much more productive lately, mainly because I can set tasks for each day and I know exactly what I have to do. It's amazing what it does to lower stress as well. With a good task system it helps you get things out of your head, which reduces the short-term memory loop that drives most of us nuts.

Give it a try. You might like it too.