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Beanstalk Maintenance Notice

On Monday, April 14th around 2am EST we will be moving to our new home at Engine Yard. We expect anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour of downtime while we transfer the final data to the new servers.

This is an ongoing effort to improve stability and performance. We feel confident that the experience and infrastructure at Engine Yard will help us get there.

Important SVN URL Changes

In order to provide the most stable environment possible, we need to separate Subversion and our web servers completely. Unfortunately, this means that we must change the URL structure for accessing your Subversion repositories. For instance:

Current: https://svn.account.beanstalkapp.com

New: https://account.svn.beanstalkapp.com

After the initial move we will have both URL options working at the same time. In two weeks, we will move strictly to the new URLs. We recommend that you checkout your repositories with the new URL during this time. A follow up email will be sent one week before and the day of the final change.

Concerns? Questions?

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http://twitter.com/wildbit (status updates)

Thanks for your on-going patience while we improve Beanstalk.