Announcing location-agnostic pay

We recently announced that the Wildbit team will be paid consistently regardless of where they live. Read about our evolving compensation strategy, how we chose Philadelphia as our benchmark, and why location-agnostic pay feels right for our team.

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4-Day Workweeks Can’t Work Without Deep Work

One of the biggest misconceptions about the 4-day workweek is that it’s as simple as cutting an entire day from your company’s typical schedule. It’s not that easy. If you want to move to 32h week and still be successful, you’ll have to master one thing first: Deep work.

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Wildbit’s 2020 environmental footprint

Wildbit has been a remote company for 20 years, but the COVID-19 pandemic still impacted how we operate. While our day-to-day operations stayed mostly the same, travel plummeted this year as we canceled our annual team retreat and conferences moved online.

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Remote-first vs. remote-friendly: what's the difference?

To many people, “remote-first” and “remote-friendly” may seem like almost interchangeable terms. However, there’s a subtle-yet-crucial distinction between these two approaches that can tell you a lot about how a company views working remotely and, in some cases, that company’s values.

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