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The 4 day workweek

78% of brands that have adopted the 4-day workweek say their team is happier

A lot of companies have been adopting a 4-day workweek. Here’s why, and how

The Wildbit team in 2021

How the team at Wildbit uses ‘deep work’ to make the 4-day workweek work

Practical lessons about implementing a 4-day workweek

Practical lessons and a video from company leaders who introduced a 4-day week

Building and growing a people-first business

The 4 Rs of people-first culture

What makes a workplace people-first?
We think the 4 Rs of respect, responsibility, relationships, and results do

Location-agnostic pay at Wildbit

7 questions about location-agnostic pay, and how we answered them in 2021 before announcing our shift to this compensation strategy

The story of how a fairly routine process—hiring a new teammate—became a valuable ‘hiring in the open’ experience for our team

Our CEO Natalie and Rand Fishkin (SparkToro) talk about how they've been using ‘chill’ and ‘deep’ work to grow successful companies

What we learned in the past 2 years as we connected companies and job seekers looking for teams where they can thrive

From our archives

The business beast

An old-and-gold 2017 piece from our CEO: are you letting “the beast” run your business?

Wildbit book, Focus and Flow

Our first book (2019) helps developers get in the zone, stay there, and accomplish more while finding space to think and recover. Welcome to Focus and Flow

Wildbit turned 20 in 2020. In this video, we look forward to the next decade 🎂

In 2015, the Good and Bad project was our way of looking at key tech roles and laying a clear vision of the factors that make somebody good (or even great) at them