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What we believe in.

Wildbit operates with a set of guiding Principles, while using our Values to dictate how we work:

  • Principles are our roots. They're the basis of everything we do.
  • Values are the behaviors that define how work is done at Wildbit. They are how we live our principles.

We look at our Principles as universal truths—they are beliefs that shouldn’t change over time. They are true today, in 5 years, and in 50.

Our Values are rules that apply today. They are how we agree to work together, our basis for rewarding each other, and our foundation for bringing new team members onboard. Values can, and will, evolve as the company changes to reflect who we are and who we continue to aspire to be.


  1. Businesses exist to serve people.

    As a tool, businesses exist to support human constituents: the Founders, the Team, the Customers, and the Community.

  2. Businesses are product agnostic.

    Products are an output of a team’s skills, strengths, beliefs, and values. Companies that define themselves by what they make automatically impose limits around what they can do.

  3. A fulfilling job will stretch you—not break you.

    Genuine pride and satisfaction in what you do come from mentally pushing yourself to achieve new things. Sometimes it requires compromise. Frequently it’s uncomfortable. But it never comes at the expense of your health, happiness, security, or safety.

  4. The freedom to think is essential to meaningful work.

    Breakthroughs rarely happen under duress: rushing in the name of “doing more” only slows down real progress. Creativity thrives when you have space and time to think.

  5. Empathy helps teams achieve more.

    Empathy dictates a team’s capacity for respect, trust, and support. Without respect, fear of judgment keeps ideas from being freely shared. Without trust, autonomy suffers and process becomes a means of control instead of a tool for efficiency. And without support, growth is stifled: avoiding failure becomes more important than looking for opportunities to improve. Empathy is the foundation for creativity, productivity, and advancement.



  1. Be self-motivated, but team-oriented.

    We inspire one another by taking initiative. We work independently, but not in isolation. We count on our teammates to help us grow, and support their growth in turn. We’re proud of what we accomplish together.

  2. Be guided by purpose (not process or practice).

    As a team, we work with intent. We ask until we understand why. We don’t use best practices unless they’re best for us. We treat process as a tool, never hesitating to adjust if there’s a better way to achieve our goals. We aren’t afraid to move on from things that no longer serve us—and we don’t trade long-term impact for short-term gain.

  3. Celebrate every opportunity to learn.

    We know our stuff, and love that there’s always more to know! We’re not afraid to take calculated risks, and welcome what we learn regardless of the outcome. We encourage iteration, and are energized by every chance to improve.

  4. Stay calm and keep perspective.

    We’re grounded, practical, and pragmatic. We recognize that most things are not fire drills. We make decisions thoughtfully and deliberately, instead of reacting impulsively—especially when the stakes are high.

  5. Help one another do good.

    We’re all here to have a positive impact on the world around us. We help each other achieve our best by practicing empathy; staying humble; communicating thoughtfully; and acting with respect. Our trust in one another is freely given—because it’s continuously earned.