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What’s on your mind?

This piece was originally emailed to Wildbit’s mailing list on October 27, 2021.

Hello friends,

This week we celebrate Wildbit’s 21st birthday. Being in business this long feels important when the average US company lasts less than 20 years before it’s bought out, merges, or gets liquidated. Tech companies like ours rarely make it past year 5.

And yet, here we (still) are! 🎂

The Wildbit team in November 2021 👋

21 years come with a lot of experience, some baggage, and a few inevitable questions about what comes next—not just for Wildbit, but for the world of business in general:

  • How do we make the right decisions when there is so much we don’t know?
  • What perspectives, options, and opinions are we not exploring?
  • What will the future of employment look like?
  • What role can people-first companies play?
  • What even counts as a people-first company, after the year and a half we’ve all had?

Right now, we don’t have most of the answers. That might have scared us before, but growing up means learning to sit in discomfort and uncertainty instead of needing to be 100% sure all the time.

While the future of employment, people-first businesses, and Wildbit are on my mind, I’m also curious to know what’s on yours. What business challenges are you facing that keep you worried? Is there something you’d like to do or change at your company but don’t know how? What do you want to know about what we’ve learned over the last 21 years?

The team and I enjoy having conversations about the small details that build a big business. We will probably host a few office-hour sessions in the next few months to share our experience and answer your questions.

So if you want to give us a birthday present this week, get in touch and share what’s on your mind: our inbox is open for you.

With 💚
Natalie and the team @ Wildbit