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TeamSupport Integration with Beanstalk

Recently one of our customers, TeamSupport, contacted us about integrating their product with Beanstalk. We decided that our new WebHook integration would be a great place to start, and a few weeks later they came back with a fully functioning integration.

TeamSupport is a SaaS application that integrates a Help Desk with a Bug Tracking system. They feel that most software companies struggle with internal communication since they have different applications for their customer service group and their development/QA teams. Having one tool that both groups can use will facilitate internal communication and also lead to better customer satisfaction.

Of course, the Beanstalk integration is of most interest to the developers and designers using TeamSupport, but it is nice that the customer service group can also see that a particular ticket is addressed by a revision in Beanstalk.

When a new version is committed into Beanstalk, we send out a WebHook configured for TeamSupport. TeamSupport receives this and scans the description field for “version” and “tickets” tags. They then match up the tickets that the new version addresses and they add a note to the ticket with information about the commit, including the link back to their repository on Beanstalk so they can review the actual code.

Hope you like it. Be sure to give us feedback and let us know what you think.