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I caught something interesting in an email newsletter from Ma.gnolia today. They recently introduced OpenID in their system and received 15% adoption rate from new members. That's pretty impressive considering that OpenID is so new, and in some cases, confusing. Here is the announcement from their email.

Back at the end of November we introduced OpenID support to Ma.gnolia for both new and existing members. Before meeting with the Mozilla group earlier this week to talk about the OpenID user experience, we ran some numbers and are amazed at the number of new members choosing to sign up by getting an OpenID. Since adding support, 15% of new members are opting to sign up with OpenID!
Considering how new the technology is, and the learning curve that goes with it in a world dominated by separate accounts for separate sites, this is a fantastic adoption rate.

I wrote about Online Identity Management more than a year ago, but it never had as much progress as I had hoped. It seems that OpenID could be the solution I was looking for in our social networks. It looks like a bunch of sites have already started supporting OpenID, including LiveJournal, Vox.com, and even Sxip who I included in my previous post.

I'm really looking forward to integrating this into our clients' products.