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Hire Wildbit, one week at a time

Wildbit has been doing consulting work since it started back in 1999. However, as Beanstalk and Newsberry grew, we started to shift focus to our products more. With growing and profitable products, it just makes sense. Lately, we’ve been scaling back client work dramatically when it comes to Rails work so we can put more effort into Beanstalk and our next product (still hush hush).

1 week — 1 Full-time Designer — $4,000

As most of you know, the time it takes to design a feature is not equal to the time it takes to implement and support it. For instance, designing the screens for Git support in Beanstalk did not take long at all, but getting it up and running is a different story. With that imbalance, our designers often have some extra time for playing around or client work.

So, on a limited basis, we’ll be offering design iterations in weekly increments for one flat rate. With this, you get one full-time designer, myself, and Igor to QA test. We’ll put together a plan, set priorities, and deliver results.

Interested? Learn more on the hire us page.