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Details: They will drive or ruin your business

We have been working the last couple weeks on launching Philly2night.com. Right now it is in Beta, but we still have a ton of issues to clear out. It’s amazing that no matter how much you plan or how thorough your process is, the level of detailed review is always a big task.

For Philly2night, the details ranged from adjusting confirmation messages to managing what pages should look like with empty content to testing communication scenarios between members. It’s almost never ending.

The real difference between success or failure depends on the people on the team. Some developers or designers want to “just get the job done” and others really just “get it” when it comes to the interaction and understanding of the business model. By hiring people that really take that extra effort to get the job done right, you will save many hours in redundant work when reviewing projects. Otherwise, it takes twice the number of people to complete the same tasks: one to fix and one to explain what to fix.

Unfortunately, the only way to know what type of people are on your team is through experience. So either they eventually learn or you have to find someone who is better fit for your team. We’ve managed to learn this over the years and, through lots of trial and error, have found the right people that fit into our model.