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A great 2009 and even better 2010

The Wildbit team recently returned from our 2009 retreat. We try to make it an annual event, as our last retreat was in October of 2008 in Turkey. This year, we headed off to the mountain resort town of Bansko, Bulgaria. Every time we have a retreat it is more about hanging out than working, but we’re always sure to set goals and spend some time actually working in a room together. For you, our customers, we have a lot planned for 2010, but first let’s take a look back at 2009.

Looking back at 2009

2009 was really an incredible year for us. Not only did we mature our products, we also helped launch some great client sites such as STP Collaborative, MeetPips, and Lose It or Lose It.

Beanstalk has grown beyond our expectations. We’ve moved to a new host, we now integrate with over ten services, and added many tools and features. Most importantly, we’ve achieved a stable and scalable environment to keep all of you confident in our uptime.

Newsberry has gone through a lot of changes and witnessed growth as well. We have a completely new public site, shifted focus to high-volume senders with delivery tools, and improved the UI and design of the entire application.

As you may have heard we’re also working on our third product, Postmark, an email delivery service for web apps. We spent the final months of 2009 building and testing Postmark to prepare for the initial beta. The feedback has been great so far and we’re really excited to get it out there.

Personally, I have watched our team mature and grow in 2009. It’s amazing to see them in action. As I have written in the past about virtual teams, it all comes down to people who love their work and share a vision. Watching this thrive in our own team has been a rewarding experience.

What we have planned for 2010

With such a great year in 2009, we obviously have a lot planned for 2010.

Our most immediate goals are to get Postmark and Git Support out of beta and into your hands. We’ve received amazing feedback and enthusiasm on both, so we are just as eager to get them out there as you are. You can expect to see some amazing new features in Newsberry as well, including a new editor and better integration tools. We’ll be running some ad campaigns in the beginning of this year to spread the word.

With all the work we do, we also realized that we can improve communication. We’d like to contribute more to open source, blog more about our process, and make it more obvious when we launch new features. Overall, we want our customers to get to know each person in the team.

Keep in touch

We have some aggressive, but realistic goals set for ourselves, which means awesome things to come for you. To get the latest, make sure to follow our blogs and Twitter accounts:

Follow us on Twitter at @wildbit, @postmarkapp, @beanstalkapp, and @newsberry.

Subscribe to our blogs for Wildbit, Beanstalk, and Newsberry. Postmark’s will be coming soon.

Thanks so much for making 2009 a great year. We’ll make sure 2010 is even better.