Tips for working from home

My name is Gilbert Guttmann and I’m the new designer of Wildbit. You should see more posts from me pretty soon. But let’s start with this one first...

Working from home. Sounds good, does it? I was really excited about the idea of working from home. Thanks to Wildbit I could make it happen. Say hello to freedom, say goodbye to uninspiring workspaces. But having complete choice about how you organize your day can be dangerous. You can easily tend to disorganization, less productivity and motivation problems. Here are some tips how you can fight against this.

Set a clear work schedule and stick to it!

At first, it does not really matter if you start working at 9 today and tomorrow at 12. You can always compensate in the evening. Watch out! This is dangerous! Not having a day to day schedule also affects your personal life. You’ll loose the feeling for your working period pretty fast and then you’ll catch yourself working all the time because you don’t really know “when it’s enough for today”.

Create a virtual walk to work

From bed to workspace — don’t do it. Grab some coffee and go out for a walk before you start working. This helps gathering ideas for the day and keeps your head free.

Separate your home-office as much as possible

I used to work in a normal office-space in our apartment. But I quickly realized that I could not switch off my Wildbit-thinking when I worked on private projects. So I grabbed my stuff and moved to a little corner in our living room. Of course, not everyone has these possibilities but if it’s still not working for you, try to find a co-working space.

Create an inspiring workspace

Did you always seem jealous when you saw nicely designed workspaces? Come on, now you can do that too! Buy cool looking useless crap for your office, make it a cozy place.

Go out to lunch

Of course, having a kitchen has some advantages. But try to go out for lunch, fresh air and meeting real people is actually fun.


You see, working from home has advantages and disadvantages like a normal office. Some people will never get used to it, but at the same time a lot of people love it — me included.


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