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You choose: Frustration or Observation

The little things in a service business are always prone to drive people crazy – obvious bug fixing, numerous tiny site updates, absurd customer requests, constantly educating clients, the list goes on…

The way of “accepting” these tasks is all about attitude. You can either see the tasks as being bothersome or as an opportunity to observe and improve. The easiest examples are support requests. If you are handling suport requests for particular client who “just can’t seem to understand” it can be frustrating. It is easier to get frustrated, make a quick fix, and move on. At the same time this is actual proof that the interface or language in your software may not be obvious. It is room for improvement and growth.

When we start accepting all of our tasks (even the mundane and frustrating) as a chance to observe and learn, we provide more potential for growth (and less stress). Although, I must admit, it’s easier said than done. :)