📣Postmark has been acquired by ActiveCampaign

I'm Jordan Dontcha Know :^)

Great moons of Neptune! Hello there Wildbit friends! My name is Jordan and I'm your new Postmark Customer Success pal. Neat! I've been offering gif-filled customer support for nearly ten years, and son of a seahorse am I excited to be part of this amazing company.

I'm pretty deng passionate about 📧 email (I know, right?!), but the most important take aways of who I am are as follows:

  1. 🥧 Pie. I like it. Throw in some 🍦 and buddy you've got yourself a new best friend.
  2. 🍕 Pizza. Pie's younger (but equally delicious) sibling. You can take a gander at my homemade walleye and mango salsa pizza here.
  3. 🌲 I live up in northern Minnesnowtah and am currently restoring a 100-year-old log house and guest cabin.
  4. 🚤 Current owner of four boats and zero motors. I need more motors.
  5. 🚶🏽 I once Forrest Gump'd it across the country for charity, but walked instead of ran because I'm no T. Hanks.
  6. 🎥 I used to film weddings, but found it too hard to not participate during the dancing portion of the night.

Well, friendo, there you have it! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find me a question. I'll get you the answer faster than you can say "Boy howdy, that was fast!".

What's more, include the super secret text "JordanIsAwesome" within your support request and I may even whip you up your own personal gif, free of charge :^)

Happy sending!