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What happened to OpenID support in Beanstalk?

You may be wondering why we removed OpenID support in Beanstalk. While we love OpenID, it just did not fit with Beanstalk’s system. Since Subversion requires a user/pass (no OAuth love for svn yet), it makes OpenID less valuable.

In addition to this, our OpenID support was never really complete. We lacked the proper verification and over time, it became a little difficult to maintain. This month we discussed internally whether we should finally improve OpenID implementation in Beanstalk. As we discussed the effort, we decided that it may be better to just remove it. This creates less maintenance for us and does not remove too much value for our customers since a user/pass is still required for SVN.

We’re hoping we can revisit this in the future as we improve integration options, especially if SVN gets OAuth support.