📣Postmark has been acquired by ActiveCampaign

We’re hiring a Rails developer!

Wildbit is looking to hire another Rails developer to help grow and support Beanstalk and Postmark (with a primary focus on Postmark). A minimum of 2 years experience in building Rails apps is required, and comfort/experience in a Mac OS X development environment is strongly preferred.

We like to spread out our support hours and for that reason would love someone in North America or South America. We are a completely virtual team, so you'll need to be self-motivated, very passionate, and organized. Our team is currently located in Philadelphia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Germany and Canada.

If you’re interested, we're going to be looking for the following information about you. Just email jobs@wildbit.com.

  • Your experience working with / building web apps
  • The city and country where you live
  • Any open source projects you've contributed to or maintain
  • Personal blog, site or articles
  • Any blogs or people you follow (helps us understand your interests)
  • Books that have inspired your work

Some things you should know about us:

  • We plan and release in short iterations.
  • We use Campfire for daily meetings
  • We have team retreats in places like Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Spain
  • We have a dedicated QA Tester, but expect your work to be fully tested on your own as well.
  • We have each person contribute to support in order to understand the needs of our customers.
  • We schedule time for open source projects as part of Open Source Friday's.


Email jobs@wildbit.com and include the information above. If you're not the right person but you know somebody who is, please share this post!