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Using Postmark to reveal trends

Since we launched Postmark, we’ve been using it for Beanstalk to send our transactional emails. This includes welcome emails, invites, and most notably commit email notifications. I had a look at the volume for January and thought it was interesting.

Beanstalk's transactional emails

The volume can be associated with the number of commits from our customers. It’s nice to see that people actually take off on the weekends, although there is a little bit of a rise on Sundays. Most of the work is pretty steady through the work week, with a small bump in the middle. We’ve also had some nice growth in January, which you can see by the rise of emails throughout the month.

It’s nice to use our own product to provide more value to our business. We have lots of plans to enhance the statistics around email delivery for Postmark. If you’re interested, go to the Postmark site and sign up for the beta.