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Nuzizo.com: Limited Invites Available

Our client has allowed us to offer exclusive invites to Nuzizo City, a social network made up of unique neighborhoods of like-minded individuals. We have been working on the project for over a year and opened up the doors back in October to a small group. The city is almost ready for prime time and will be open for public registrations shortly, until then we are offering 50 invites (continue reading) to our readers. So, What is Nuzizo? Read on...

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Nuzizo is a social network that is based on a group of cultural and niche Neighborhoods, which combined make up a city of connected people, all with distinct interests and backgrounds.

The community features the common social tools that start at the user level, such as blogs, photos, comments, shoutouts, messaging, friends, and groups. This content then defines the topics, discussions, and people at the neighborhood and city level. In addition to the common social tools, Nuzizo also offers several unique features.

Vibe Meter™

The vibe meter (on right) allows citizens to set their mood or energy level on a scale from 1-10 at any moment. They can then insert a description to describe their mood or energy level. The Vibe is displayed at the city and neighborhood level to view the overall vibe of the city and it's distinct neighborhoods.

The Nuzizo Player

Nuzizo user panel

In addition to regular citizens, Nuzizo also allows existing citizens to sign up as entertainers. These entertainers offer unique content for the city to enjoy. The real perk is that as you discover new entertainers, they can be added to a live playlist on the Nuzizo Player. The Nuzizo Player allows citizens to roam the city as they enjoy the entertainment. Although the player is in a separate window, an integrated remote (on right) is embedded into the user's control panel that can skip, pause, or change the volume in the main player.

Reputation Points

The democratic nature of this city is built on the reputation of its citizens. As citizens browse the site, invite friends, post content, and contribute they earn points for being active and participating. As citizen's Rep points increase, they obtain certain rank levels to receive rewards, unlock features, and raise their status in the city and within in their neighborhood.

Zizos and DAPs

What is a city without a currency system and something to buy with that currency? Nuzizo allows people to purchase (for real money) Zizos. These Zizos can be used to buy mini-gifts, called DAPs, for other citizens. Think of a DAP as greeting card or stamp that conveys what pictures can-a thousand words. They are used to express gratitude, to congratulate, or just to extend that "hello" a little further on an introduction.

Here are a few screen shots…

Nuzizo Player
Nuzizo Player