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New members of the Wildbit family and a new office!

It’s been a really busy few months here (it feels like we’re always saying that!). We have a few really exciting announcements I want to share.

New members of Wildbit!

We were sad when Daniel Crenna left Wildbit two months ago, and started to look for someone to help support Postmark. After a few weeks of interviews, we found a perfect fit in Oren Mazor. Oren is a multidisciplinary computer guy, with software, hardware, and security backgrounds. He’s also active in his local community and an amateur car mechanic.

We’d also like to welcome our newest Rails developer to the team, Artem Chistyakov. Artem lives in Krasnayarsk (Ilya and Dmitry’s city) where he attended all of Ilya’s coffeshop meet ups. After talking to Artem, we asked him to join us as an intern to work on some Postmark front-end updates. It wasn’t long until we realized he’d be an awesome addition to our team full-time! He’s now working on Beanstalk and Postmark front-ends.

Also extremely exciting is the addition of Dana Chaby to our Wildbit family. Dana is going to be our chief customer advocate, answering support for both Postmark and Beanstalk. She comes from a business manager background and is super excited to become an expert in version control and email sending. She’s been with us since August 1st and has learned the ins and outs of our products. Email her to say hello!

New Office

With the addition of Dana, we’re now 4 people in Philadelphia. We started looking for a larger office and found one we loved faster than we expected. We’re in an awesome loft space that just happens to be right above Indy Hall! It’s a space big enough for us to grow in to as we look for more members of our team in Philadelphia. We’ll be sure to post more photos as we decorate and get comfortable!