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Hi, I’m Shelley

Hi, I’m Shelley, and I’m the newest addition to the Customer Success team at Wildbit! I grew up in London, England, and then more than five years ago I packed my stuff and moved to a farm in Poland. These days, you’ll find me in Gdańsk with much better internet speed. 😉

When I’m not working, I love exploring this beautiful country with my husband and our dog, kayaking, and cooking. I like to wind down with a good book or with the three of us watching a film. Yes, the dog watches and I have videos to prove it!

Before Wildbit, I was working in support for an email marketing company. After a few years, I wanted to try something different and transferred to the social media team. It was there that I realized how much I missed talking to customers, sharing knowledge, and getting my hands dirty with troubleshooting. Education is my favorite part of customer service. In the email world, there are always lots of opportunities to teach and learn.

So how did I end up at Wildbit? I decided that if I was going to leave my current job, I wanted to work with people that shared a lot of the same values that I do and for a company that wasn’t just blindly following “the norm.” After discovering Wildbit and doing a lot of reading, I couldn’t believe that a company like this existed and I wanted to be a part of their inspiring team.

I love soaking up knowledge, so I’m super excited about this new journey!