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Hi, I’m Amy With-The-Long-Last-Name

My pronouns: She/her

Hello, friends and supporters of Wildbit! I’m Amy Chantasirivisal, also known as “Amy C.” or “Amy with-the-long-last-name” in various circles. I also happen to be one of Wildbit’s newest employees -- I came on board earlier this summer as the Postmark team’s Director of Engineering. I’m based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, where I’ve spent a good chunk of my career first as a front-end engineer, then as a leader at a number of different Silicon Valley startups.

As I’ve settled into my role in the past weeks, I’ve often thought to myself, “Everyone here is so responsible, do they really need me here?” (Natalie, if you’re reading this, the answer is, “Yes. Yes, you do.” Please let me stay. 🙏)

But in all seriousness, embarking on this role has given me a different set of opportunities for engineering management and leadership than I’ve been focused on in the past. The distributed and global nature of our team means that, yes, every individual here is highly self-sufficient. Without needing to spend as much time on individual accountability, I get the privilege of taking time to think about and work on team growth, effective engineering processes and practices, and technical strategy. I’m really excited to contribute my perspective on these topics, and more, over time.

While my time in the startup space has given me a ton of valuable perspective on how different aspects of businesses are run, I knew I had to be a part of the Wildbit team after combing through the company blog. The things that drew me into the startup world in the first place -- vision, initiative, autonomy, people -- all exist at Wildbit, with the added benefit of being an established company. 🎉

Connect with me in the digital world (LinkedIn, Twitter) if you want to talk about team culture, engineering, hiring, diversity and inclusion, parenthood, womanhood, mentorship, cats, baking, cooking, pop culture, and/or board games. 💻👶🐈🍰🍔🎮