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Hello, I'm Matt

Hello! My name is Matt and I recently joined the team at Wildbit as a marketing designer. I live with my fiancé in Peterborough, England. A small city about an hour north of London by train.

I grew up in the heart of the English countryside, occupying my time by tinkering with old computers and playing guitar in a high-school band. After leaving school I set out as a freelance designer/developer and for the next five years I worked on a bunch of projects with some great clients.

I’m hooked on the web industry, so when I was given the opportunity to write a book to help people get started with HTML5 I couldn’t resist the chance to give something back. Six months of intense writing and HTML5 Foundations was born.

Until recently I worked at a web agency based in the UK, building marketing sites and web apps for a diverse group of clients. After a while the “ship it and forget” nature of agency projects started to wear on me. I longed to join a team where I could focus my efforts on a small group of products and continually improve my work. When I found out that Wildbit was hiring it was a no-brainer.

I’ll be working with the marketing team to raise awareness of Wildbits suite of products, initially focussing my efforts on Postmark. I’m proud to call myself a member of the Wildbit team and can’t wait to get started!