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Design Iterations Available

Withing the next several weeks, we have some design iterations open at a discount rate. If you are looking for some help with designing subscriber-based services or social software, we're a good fit. Feel free to check out Nuzizo.com, Beanstalk, Newsberry, and PodcastPeople for examples of our work.

So, what is an iteration? An iteration is one week. This means that each person works on a single project for the entire week. It improves focus, simplifies management, and sets clear expectations. Essentially, it is a full-time person (designer or developer) for one week, including myself to lead the process/strategy and a QA person to test. We set deliverables in the beginning, review along the way, and deliver at the end of the week.

Interested? Contact me at cn@wildbit.com or give us a call at +1 (215) 203-0488.