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Beanstalk Migration Rescheduled, Site Updates

Since our planned migration was canceled, we'd like to give an update. The migration process essentially processed each account, moved it to the new slices at EngineYard, and updated configuration information. At 2AM EDT when the migration started, everything went as planned. However, by 4AM EDT only 25% of the accounts actually transferred. We had two choices: keep it going and have about 10 hours of downtime or figure out a new method.

Of course, we chose to come up with a new method. The great things is that half of the job is actually finished, we just need to finish the account migration on the slices. Our new plan is to do a live migration of accounts over the course of a 24 hour period. Each account will migrate one at a time and when it is done, will be on the new slices. For each account, we expect about 10 minutes of downtime. Unfortunately, we can't say the exact time for each account, but we plan to run the migration this Saturday morning at around 3am EDT (view in your timezone) and into the day on Saturday.

Site updates

Manual deployment

This weekend's migration also allowed us to make some small updates to the site. We think you'll like it. The release included:

  • Manual deployment interface moved from the changeset to the Release page. This should make the interface much easier to use and understand.
  • Fixed security warnings in IE7. Finally!
  • HTML is handled properly in commit messages to avoid layout problems in the activity pages.
  • Updated to the latest version of Rails

Upcoming release plans

We have some really nice improvements planned in the coming months. After our retreat, we'll start working on the following:

  • Improved caching across the system to improve speed.
  • Allow deployments to be processed simultaneously
  • Improve import process to allow very larger import files
  • Update permissions for user accounts, allowing more detailed permission levels.

We have a lot more planned in addition to system improvements, but we don't want to give them away just yet. Stay tuned and thanks for being patient with us!