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Beanstalk: Major update today

Today Beanstalk got a major update, which was a long time in the making. The new update includes a lot of requested features along with some necessary updates to improve the interface and performance. The short list:

  • SSL in the applications and SVN for all paid accounts.
  • A new design for the application and public site.
  • Improved interface for users, repositories, and integration.
  • Special commit tags that can be used to manipulate notifications.
  • Support for FogBugz On Demand
  • A brand new server setup, making Beanstalk more reliable, secure, and scalable.
  • Free plan storage is doubled.

We apologize for the downtime today that was caused by this recent update. It is not our normal process to update so suddenly, but due to demand and growth, our servers needed an immediate upgrade to handle all of the new accounts.

Most of the updates are self explanatory, but one new feature requires some explanation.

Commit tags

We use Beanstalk for our own projects at Wildbit. We also use Campfire, Basecamp, and FogBugz to manage tasks and communicate. Beanstalk is just as important to us as it is for our customers, which allows us to implement features as we find the need or use.

The new feature for commit tags was setup so we can seamlessly use Subversion commits to communicate with the rest of our team. For instance, when we post some new HTML mockups, the commit might include many image and CSS files that are not important for the client or team to review. Instead, you just want to present the links to the HTML pages directly. This is why we introduced the review: tag.

With the review: tag, you can specify certain files within a commit that you would like reviewed. The commit notification will then display links to those files directly. This new tag is specified in brackets in your Subversion commit message. For instance:

This is a new commit with some images and html files

In your notification posts in Campfire, Basecamp, or FogBugz this would most a list of links back to your Beanstalk project.


FogBugz On Demand

With FogBugz On Demand integration, you will be able to manipulate cases with you commits. For instance, you can type

[Case:123 assign:chris review:filename.txt]


[case:123 status:resolved]

Each tag will manipulate the case based on your parameters. The "review" feature is something we came up with for our own use. It will take post links to files from the commit within the FogBugz case. For example, let's say you committed a bunch of HTML files with CSS and images. You might only want your client to review the HTML files directly. With this command, it will display links back to Beanstalk for only the files you specify.

Let's say you post a commit with this:

[case:1179 assign:clientname review:filename.html,filename2.html]
Here is the latest mockup for the site. Have a look and let me know what you think.

With that commit, it will insert the following into the case.

Reponame: Revision 13 committed by Martin May:
Here is the latest mockup for the site. Have a look and let me know what you think.


Changed objects:
- M global.css
- A image.gif
- M filename.html
- A filename2.html

Now your client or team has a clean way to review the links along with your comment from the commit. No need to even touch the case in FogBugz.