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Beanstalk is hiring a Rails developer

We're looking to hire our next Rails developer to support Beanstalk, our hosted Subversion app. The person will be responsible for major features and ongoing support as the app continues to grow.

Most of our team is located in Russia and Ukraine. In order to keep culture, holidays, and time zones consistent this region is preferred, but definitely not mandatory. We're accepting applicants from anywhere in the world. This is a pure telecommute job, so we need an individual who is self-motivated, very passionate, and organized. (i.e. We don't babysit at Wildbit:)

If you're interested, please send the following to jobs@wildbit.com.

  • Experience with Subversion and Beanstalk
  • Past projects and your role / accomplishments
  • Personal blog or site, Articles
  • Any blogs or people you follow (helps us understand your interests)
  • Favorite books

We're looking forward to the responses!