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Announcing Wildbit Total Web Services Solution (TWSS)

Wildbit TWSS

Today, we’re extremely proud to announce our Total Web Services Solution (TWSS for short). Since we started building products back in 2006, we’ve learned a lot about the things that you need — and don’t need — in order to run a successful webapp company. We’ve kept up with the curve of running systems in the cloud and thought — hey, this makes sense! What if we went after webservices market the Wildbit way — taking complicated things and making them easy to use and pretty to look at. So needless to say, we’ve been working on this for a long time. We’re so excited to see what apps of the future TWSS can empower.

We’re anticipating some common questions, so we’ve answered them ahead of time here:

What exactly is TWSS? TWSS is an all encompassing elastic on demand real-time cloud computing saas platform to handle everything you’ve ever wanted to do on a server or application. That’s right, everything. We realized that this “do one thing and do it well” methodology at Wildbit was just holding us back, so we decided to tackle the entire hosted web service market at once. In addition to our existing suite of source control hosting and email delivery, we’re adding easy file storage, scalable web hosting, even an e-commerce platform that ANYONE can use!

How much does it cost? Wildbit’s products have always been priced at a small premium, because let’s face it, pretty designs are worth more on the web. TWSS will be priced competitively, most would argue it’s “dirt cheap”, to be right in line with the large players in this market. A more detailed pricing breakdown will be available. Beanstalk, Postmark, and Newsberry will maintain the quality of reliability and customer service you’ve come to know, but our new offerings will launch with our new pricing strategy. What we found that was surprising, as we carefully monitored our competition in the new markets we’re designing TWSS for, it turns out that infrastructure stability and customer support aren’t as important as we thought! So while we’ll be pricing our TWSS suite competitively enough to drive most of our smaller competitors out of business, we’ll charge just a bit more than the current industry leaders because - like we said - at least our stuff looks great.

Is it reliable? Who cares! We were shocked when we discovered that reliability doesn’t matter! To stay in line with our new competitive pricing, we’ve specially designed new products built on TWSS to fail randomly and entirely without notice. We call it Eventually Failing architecture. Don’t worry though, we’ve made it easy to just add more resources to TWSS instantly to keep up with the failures. If you’re worried about TWSS failure, we’re providing a new monitoring service to ease our customers minds (at an extra cost of course). You can be sure those failure notices are going to be BEAUTIFUL, we just can’t really guarantee that they’ll get there in time.

Can I send spam via TWSS as easily as I send valuable transactional emails with Postmark? One of our number one complaints about Postmark is that we don’t allow bulk sending for spammers. Of course, TWSS comes to the rescue! We’ve not only built the primary TWSS delivery servers separately from Postmark, but we’ve spent months honeypotting them to attract spammers. Our theory of spam deliverability is that spam sent with other spam is more likely to reach the inbox. We’ve made it ridiculously easy to send spam via TWSS, and we hope to learn a lot about spam delivery as more large-volume spammers that have a taste for better designed webapps join our systems.