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Good & Bad Marketer

Good marketers recognize that it’s more about people and customers than the product or service being marketed. They communicate a relevant story, one that resonates with their target audience. Bad marketers use a megaphone to shout largely about themselves and their product.

Good marketers focus on understanding and solving customer pains. They take the time to focus on reaching the right customers, and they’re aware that what they’re selling may not be for everyone. Bad marketers focus on features and checklists and will blindly sell to everyone.

Good marketers use data to inform decisions rather than make decisions. They understand the full sales cycle and value a small number of highly qualified leads over a large number of low-quality leads. Bad marketers either don’t rely on data at all or they let the data make all of the decisions for them. Bad marketers care more about the quantity of leads than the quality.

Good marketers understand that they’re a part of a larger team. They communicate and coordinate carefully within their organization. They recognize that what they say and how they say it affects the whole team. Bad marketers tend to work in a vacuum. They do everything they can to inflate results without concern for how it may impact the rest of the team.

Good marketers are aware of the competition and alternatives in their space, but they remember that it’s still ultimately about the people using the product. Bad marketers focus on the competition to the detriment of the people using the product, and they treat sales as a zero-sum game.

Good marketers take time to craft the right words that help customers understand and make decisions. Bad marketers string together buzzwords and jargon without clearly communicating with potential customers.

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