Marketing Manager

Remote, GMT-8 to GMT+1

This role has been filled. I've kept the job description live, but unpublished from the Wildbit careers page, as a historical record since it accompanies an experimental public FAQ.

Wildbit is the team behind Postmark, DMARC Digests, People-First Jobs, and Beanstalk. We’re self-funded, profitable, and have been working remotely since 2000.

We believe that businesses are human, and our team is committed to proving you can grow a profitable company while prioritizing people first. We exist to support our team, and our values and products reflect the care and intention that we operate with.

Watch this 2-minute video from Justine Jordan, our head of marketing, to hear more about the role and the company.

Public FAQ

This is an unusual role with a unique company. As such, it has generated a lot of interest and questions. With 32-hour/4-day workweeks come the need to ruthlessly prioritize your time, especially when it comes to meetings. Instead of granting requests for time to chat about the role, Justine (the hiring manager) is publicly answering questions about the role in this FAQ. You can ask a question using this form.

The role

The fact there’s no qualification in front of “marketing” in the title for this role is deliberate. We’re not looking for a permanent generalist; your prior experience will likely concentrate in a specific marketing discipline like acquisition, demand generation, operations, or growth.

The purpose of this role is to grow traffic and new users across our family of brands. People buy our products directly through our websites in a self-service model, and you’ll be the person to identify, instrument, and implement thoughtful and profitable ways to drive revenue from new users.

What this role isn’t: We believe that marketing should be a force for good and a force for growth. This role is not about growth hacking to meet an unrealistic revenue goal, implementing dark patterns to trick or shame visitors into conversion, invading users’ privacy with data appends, running statistically insignificant A/B tests, or endlessly tweaking lead scoring and nurture flows.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Identifying new acquisition channels. Whether it’s editorial sponsorships, podcasts, new social channels, community outreach programs, or advertising on the moon—you’ll have the autonomy and freedom to experiment, find, and grow new acquisition channels.
  • Website and search engine optimization. You’ll identify, monitor, and direct our efforts to scale organic visits and improve website conversion rates. This will include analyzing the performance and value of different keywords across our brands. You’ll also work to identify target keywords, improve on-page SEO, and optimize existing & new content in collaboration with others on the team.
  • Development, management, and optimization of our marketing systems. We’ll look to you to help us evaluate, select, and implement our marketing and web analytics systems. In tandem, you’re comfortable with enough HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to effectively manage those systems moving forward.
  • Instrumentation, reporting, and data analysis. You’ll own our data analytics pipeline from collection through to reporting. You’re confident writing SQL queries that transform raw behavioral and on-site data into insightful metrics and visualizing that data using BI tools such as Mode. You’ll set standards to support effective reporting, including data quality & governance, lead source classification and UTM consistency, and attribution rules.

You’ll have support and encouragement from these folks to get it done:

Initial goals and projects you'll work on in your first ~90 days:

  • Meet everyone on our team, review our vision & focus plans, and get familiar with our products
  • Take over ownership of our data analytics pipeline and automate our top of funnel acquisition reports
  • Develop a project plan to select and implement an email and marketing automation tool (call it a CRM, MAP, ESP, or what you will)
  • Dig into our historical business performance and recommend the places you’d like to start experimenting first


The marketing team at Wildbit has a tremendous amount of autonomy and are held to a high standard for the quality of their work. With this autonomy, you are expected to take a holistic view of our marketing programs, and consider how the entire funnel and customer journey would be influenced by your work.

You’ll be a great fit for this role if:

  • You have experience with and a strong understanding of direct and indirect digital acquisition channels, including display, search, social, and sponsorships.
  • You love diving into the numbers, analyzing campaign performance with Excel, Google Sheets & pivot tables, and identifying actionable insights to increase new customer acquisition.
  • You have experience with SaaS companies and speak the language of MRR and LTV.
  • You’re a natural mentor and you enjoy helping your teammates learn how to find the right report in Google Analytics or create their first pivot table.
  • Most of all, you prioritize long-term brand reputation and integrity over short-term growth. For all your comfort crunching numbers, you never lose sight of the people on the other end of your marketing activities.
  • We optimize for asynchronous communication and creating space for focused work. For occasions where synchronous work is needed, we're asking for team members to reside somewhere within GMT-8 to GMT+1 time zones.

If you don’t meet all of the above qualifications, you should still consider applying. Studies show that you can still be considered even if you don’t meet 100% of the role’s requirements.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to building a diverse team, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. At our core we believe deeply in diversity, inclusiveness, and acceptance as all being key parts of a healthy team.