📣Postmark has been acquired by ActiveCampaign

Wildbit on Github

Wait, Github? That's right, we use Github. While some people think that Github is a competitor, we feel our goals and mission are quite different. Beanstalk, which is now offering Git support, is fully focused on private team collaboration around version control. Github, on the other hand, has taken social coding to an entirely new level, using Git as an excellent technical solution to the problem. We use Github for this exact reason, opening up our code to a large community in case others find it useful and to improve our projects.

Open Source Fridays, Postmark Libraries, and more

So far our public repos are mostly focused around our products, such as the gems for Postmark and Newsberry, along with a few others like shellshot and unpacker. Some more recent additions are PrettyDiff, which is the first result of Wildbit's Open Source Friday's and Hopsharp, a .NET library for Hoptoad.

As we go, you can expect more projects to be added, so be sure to follow us on Github for the latest.