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Next Wildbit Retreat: Turkey


We just recently finished up the details and itineraries for our next company retreat. Trying to choose a location, environment, and time for 10 people in 6 countries is not easy! While we also considered Croatia, Malta, Spain, and Greece we decided on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast in early October, when the weather is still warm but is the start of their low season.

So, what’s on the agenda?

The company retreat is all about strategy, learning, and relaxing. We’ve been working really hard on a bunch of projects over the past year, so we have a lot to cover. Here is a short list:

  • Celebrate the past year’s success.
  • Plan and discuss Beanstalk goals.
  • Discuss process issues and room for improvement.
  • Set goals for Newsberry growth and plan the time line and tasks.
  • Smoke hookahs and eat well :)
  • Some short Rails training for the .NET guys and designers.
  • Take out a Gulet for the day.
Turkey Mediterranean

We’re really looking forward to just hanging out and focusing on the next steps to improve Wildbit overall. With our products growing quickly, we’re starting to shift more toward product work, which requires a new shift in process, roles, and responsibilities. I’m confident the retreat will result in some really nice improvements for our customers and clients.