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ModalBox 1.5.5 released

Since version 1.5.4, which has been packed with new great features & style, I got numerous bug reports. So this release is mostly about bugs fixing rather then new features development. Anyway, I rarely loose a chance to make some code improvements and re-factoring.

Here is the change log for the 1.5.1


  • Modalbox can override standard alert messages. Use overrideAlert to toggle this feature on/off.
  • Added an option to toggle animated transitions on/off [#98]
  • Proper node clone IDs cleanup on hide [#120]. Unit-tests changes accordingly


  • Default transition intervals changed
  • update method re-factored
  • findFocusableElements method re-factored to exclude hidden inputs
  • Moving focus in direct and reverse order (by Shift+TAB combo)


  • On resize modalbox contents were stretched to 90px if height wasn't defined
  • Overlay initial flicker effect removed [#104]
  • Evaluating javascripts after loading the content fixed [#100]
  • Re-factored SELECTs toggle method for IEs [#111]
  • Focusing by TAB key issue in Safari [#3]
  • Potential issues with DOM node content type then using IDs from parent node [#120]
  • Content isn't being shown in IE6 then transitions are switched off
  • Added expression in resize effect [#114]