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I really can’t believe how many amazing tools are popping up out there. Some are really going to change the shape of the web. I recently had some time to read up on a new browser innovation called Flock. The goal is to create a browser that brings together the interactive tools on the web. We see so many innovative and powerful services coming out that are reshaping the web (Web 2.0), but the web browser is basically the same tool as it has always been. A tool is needed the bring events, connections, and tools together into one place. It seems this is the problem Flock is attempting to resolve.

All of research and strategy we have done in the past several months on social networks have forced me to think that it is getting out of control. How many social networks can a person be part of and how can they be brought together? After reading about Flock it makes so much sense, use the browser as the standard tool. It seems pretty trivial now that i am writing it, but no one has really acted on it until now. We'll be sure to keep an eye on this one.

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