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Hi, we’re . We believe that businesses are designed to support human beings.

Our team is committed to proving you can grow a profitable company while prioritizing people first. As Wildbit turns 20 years old, we have a vision for a different future. One where companies exist for their people and profits are used to impact those in and around the business.

20th anniversary

Proud makers of great products

We’ve been around for a while

20 years in business

Est. 2000

Team of 34

10 countries


Founded in Philadelphia

14 team retreats

Since 2007

3 retired projects

Long-term teammates

  • 10 5+ years
  • 4 10+ years

Run by wife & husband

Natalie Nagele Chris Nagele

7 time zones

10 hour difference

Over 100,000 companies using our products

4 days / 32 hours work week

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