Sitemap — Project plan for your web projects

When your team works on project which contains a large number of web pages, it can be hard to find the designed html page that need to be reviewed or implemented by developers. Also, it makes harder to overview the progress of the project: Which pages are: 1. designed only 2. designed and developed 3. designed, developed and tested. Inspired by scrum, our team is using a sort of sitemap, which we call the project plan. It was designed by Gilbert, our great designer and rails developer.

How does it work

The idea of the project plan is simple, it contains the complete list of links to the designed web pages. Web pages are grouped. On the screenshot, you can see one of our project plans, with web pages that were designed for the first sprint.

Project plan

We added a comment “completed” next to the links to mark pages as designed, developed and tested.

By adding more javascript you could easily upgrade the project plan and show the percentage of completion for the development, design or testing.


The Project plan is something that we use on daily basis. It is a huge help to all the team members:

  • Project managers: To see the basic status of the project
  • Developers: An easier way to find the designed pages that need to be implemented.
  • Testers: An easier way to find the designed pages that need to be reviewed.
  • Clients: A fast way to view progress and review mockups.


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