Hello, I'm Samara :-)

Hello Wildbit friends! I’m Samara, also known as “Sam” or “Sammy”. I’m your newest addition to the Postmark Customer Success team. 😎

My journey has been a squiggly line. Before diving into tech and making a career change, I worked in the healthcare industry for about 5 years. I was attracted to tech when I was building a website for a friend. From there, I spent some time exploring the tech industry and procrastinating a deeper dive into it as I started to learn coding HTML, CSS and PHP.

Helping others is my jam so the path towards tech started with my desire to help customers. And I'm my happiest when doing so. I love having the opportunity to see customers grow, become excited about what they're learning, and then apply it. It’s pretty much the best feeling!

Before Wildbit, I was working in support for an online appointment scheduling company and I can say that I was very fortunate to have worked for them, as I got so much experience in a wide variety of skills.

As I discovered Wildbit, I found that I was completely drawn to their values and core vision. I can’t wait to continue learning and the community, and I’m looking forward to working with the talented team and be able to offer valuable support for our customers.

I’m also a very curious person and thus I love to spend time doing all sorts of things, especially traveling. I love learning about food, different cultures, ways of thinking, social norms and having new experiences. There’s basically no location that I don’t have a desire to see and explore. My dream destination would be Switzerland because of its unreal beauty!

On a more personal note, I have a very confused accent - people are never sure where I’m from! 😅

I was born in Iraq and immigrated to New Zealand when I was 11 years old. I spent my time in Wellington and went to University there. After graduating, I relocated to Sydney and lived there for 6 years before calling London home. Moving to different countries has been an interesting experience which made me understand life from a completely different perspective and expanded my horizons. Now, I couldn’t be happier to be living the London lifestyle.

I'm so grateful and thrilled for this opportunity to be supporting our customers, and being part of the Wildbit team.

See you on the other side!


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