Hello from Las Vegas

Hi there! My name is Manya, and I recently joined the Wildbit family to help with content strategy. With a primary focus on Postmark, I will be working with the marketing team to release content more consistently and to help make that content more accessible and reach new audiences.

I’ve long had a passion for stories and for the way we share and experience them. I had my first encounter with the internet in the mid-90s. I was intrigued by the idea of connecting with others from around the world who shared the same interests as me, and I was sucked in immediately. Before long, I created my first website so that I, too, could share bits about myself and my interests. Shortly after that, I found myself designing websites and administering message boards for my friends and their bands and their parents' small businesses. Little did I know at the time that I would eventually make a career out of helping others establish themselves and find an audience online.

Since then, I've watched the ways in which we express our stories online evolve from simple, static web pages to dynamic and interactive digital experiences. The ease at which we tell our stories online has evolved, too. Thanks to an abundance of publishing tools, producing content for the web has never been easier. But it also has never been more confusing. With the plethora of apps, formats, and platforms to choose from, coupled with continually evolving "best practices" and trends, it can be difficult to understand where one should invest their efforts and how. That's where strategy comes in. In the span of my career, I've evolved along with the trends and have incorporated into my skills everything from design to digital marketing to social media, along with all the disciplines in between. Because of this, I'm able to apply all that I've learned to the constant that has been there since the beginning: content and the craft of storytelling. I’m super excited for my next chapter and to get started at Wildbit.

As for a few personal tidbits, I enjoy alternative fashion, video games, anime, and making things with my hands. During my off hours, I partake in creative endeavors such as resin-casting, charm-making, designing fashion accessories, and other random art projects. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a home filled with animals and too many hobby supplies.


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