Music, cricket, armchair mountaineering, and solving computer problems

Editor's note: Last month we added two more Customer Success Champions to the Wildbit family. Today, we're excited to introduce Jon Lumb. Without further ado, I'll let Jon take it away.

Hi, my name is Jon and I’ve joined Wildbit as part of the Customer Success team, helping you all get the most out of the Wildbit products.

Jon Lumb — Customer Success Champion @ Wildbit

My first experience with computers was when I was 5 years old. My father brought home a Compaq Portable (or Gorillable as it became known) that his work were throwing out. It ran an early version of DOS, and more importantly for a small child, three different games: Pacman, Dig Dug and Alley Cat. My father had written down the relevant commands that I needed to type in to get the games to run. At the first available opportunity I pulled up a chair and unclipped the keyboard from the front of the screen. With a single finger I painstakingly typed out the path to get to the game I wanted, and with great excitement hit 'Enter'.

> Bad Command or File Name

That wasn't what I wanted. With the impeccable logic of a 5 year old, I considered the two options presented and deciding that 'Bad Command' wasn't what I wanted, I dutifully typed in 'File Name'.

> Bad Command or File Name

And so began a lifetime of working my way round error messages!

Since then I've managed to dabble in most aspects of computing, from hardware to software and covering building, fixing and maintenance. I've done web design and development, and supported several sizeable pieces of software (both SaaS and standalone). I've even had some experience with supercomputers (standing in the same room as one counts, right?)

Away from the keyboard I'm a Brit living in southern France with my wife and two young sons. We've been here for just over a year now.

I'm a huge music fan and an all round hifi nut (I help moderate on HiFi Wigwam.) I spend quite a lot of time cooking and eating, and am a serious armchair mountaineer. I firmly believe that Test Match Special, and test cricket in general, is the pinnacle of all human achievement.

You can find me on Twitter as @jonlumb.


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