4 more make 20

The second half of 2014 was a whirlwind; we released some amazing features, went on our retreat, added a few new faces to the team, including two Wildbabies (our cute nickname for the kids), and found a new office to soon call home (more on that later). Without further delay, here are the new teammates:

Shane, Marketing

Marketing is something we always shared as a team. Shane has brought new attention to Wildbit and our three products. He jumped right into this new roll and helped us with our biggest feature release to-date, Code Review. Shane brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience to the team, and we are excited for him to get the word out about our products.

Shane is working remotely from Pensacola, FL. He loves a great story, all things sci-fi, and daydreams of electric sheep.

You can connect with Shane on Twitter.

Leah, Customer Success

Leah joined Wildbit in September, and has been working to improve and help our customers make the most of Postmark through direct outreach and on boarding help. This is a new role for us. We are excited to get to know our customers better and make Postmark an amazing experience for everyone.

Leah works from our Philly office, and keeps us current on all things art, music, and film in the Philly area.

You can connect with Leah on Twitter.

Jonathan Forsythe, Product Design

Jonathan is our third addition to the design team (Eugene and Derek), he’s been with us for just about two months, and we couldn’t be more excited. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, hiring a designer is tricky at Wildbit. We not only require beautiful aesthetics, but also the ability to code them in HTML, CSS and JS. Jonathan fits this description well and has already made some important changes to Beanstalk that you will see soon.

Jonathan works remotely in Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with his wife Kimberly.

You can connect with Jonathan on Twitter or Dribbble.

Mike Smalley, Systems

Mike joins Michael Carruthers on the systems team (yeah, two Michaels, not confusing at all). He has huge experience with Chef, automation and systems administration in general, making the two of them a perfect match to continue building out our infrastructure for each product. We have some great plans for 2015 and we will be sure to blog about it as we go.

Mike works remotely from Doylestown, Pennsylvania where he cofounded the Bucks County DevOps meet-up group. Mike has always had a deep interest in technology. He enjoys playing guitar, and listening to jazz and blues music.

You can stay in touch with Mike on Twitter or on his blog.


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