Mercurial API for Ruby — delivered!

As you know we are currently working on adding Mercurial support to Beanstalk. We released a beta recently and our best friends and beta testers are currently helping us get it ready for a public release (thanks guys!). While it’s awesome it’s not ready for a grand announcement yet, but I’ve got something a little different for you today.

At Wildbit we like open source a lot and we use open source projects and libraries every day. So when I started working on Mercurial this summer I thought: Why not make a Ruby API for Mercurial (that we had to build anyway) as an open source project? Really, no reason not to do it. So, here it is!

If you ever wanted to interact with Mercurial in Ruby it’s your lucky day. With mercurial-ruby you can connect to any Mercurial repository on your local machine and do various fancy things with it. For example you can view commits, branches, diffs, find files and directories, and more. You can also create repositories.

The gem is pretty stable already because we use it in production for our Mercurial beta. It’s also fully covered with tests, so if you feel like hacking the code it should be very easy for you to get started.

I loved working on mercurial-ruby and think it’s my best piece of code yet. I hope you enjoy it too!


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