Wildbit Product Support is Getting an Upgrade!

We've been making changes over the last several months to better support our customers at Wildbit. As the products grow, so do the requirements for our time and tools that can help us provide support quickly and effectively. For the entire life of our products, we have always answered support on our own. The whole team, including Chris and I, have answered each question, suggestion, or note from a customer. We strongly believe that this has helped us keep a close eye on our products and how they were meeting the needs of our users. In the beginning of this year, we agreed it was time to hire a full-time, devoted support person to provide their undivided attention to answering emails, chatting with customers, updating documentation, etc. While our team won't stop learning from our support communication, we've put priority on someone being solely responsible for paying attention to our customer's needs.

We knew hiring the right person would be a difficult process. The perfect person would have to show qualities and experience we weren't used to looking for. As if by chance, we bumped into Sarah Hatter as she was launching her new consulting service, Cosupport. Sarah, coming most recently from the 37Signals support team, started CoSupport.us to help small businesses improve their support. Her team helps organize support needs and hire in-house support staff.

After a few talks with Sarah, we decided she would be the perfect fit to help us. We're happy to report she is managing our support as of April 1st for Postmark, and starting today, for Beanstalk. This is the first in a two step process of learning about our needs to ultimately hire a new full-time Wildbit team member dedicated to supporting our customers. Sarah will be watching for common questions, helping draft responses, and learning about us so we can be prepared for the hiring process.

New Support System

In part of the revamping of support, we have also migrated to a new support system. While we love Tender and have been very happy customers, our needs have grown where we require more automation and integration to our workflows. We have decided to move to Assistly, who happens to also be a Wildbit customer! Assistly will provide us with one support system for both apps, as well as integration with our customer databases that will make support more efficient. What you can expect is the same (and even better!) level of support, with the following visible changes:

  • All support will be answered right in your inbox.
  • Much easier ticket submission right from the app instead of opening your email or creating a ticket in the help site.
  • A new knowledge-base, with the same articles you're used to.

We are confident this new system will make our excellent support even better, and we're looking forward to working with Sarah to hire a full-time customer advocate!


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