Monday Productivity Boosters

Developing for the web on a Mac is a breeze, thanks to a bunch of products like Parallels Desktop, Textmate (and numerous related bundles) and Terminal. Today I want to highlight another 2 great additions to the Mac OS X Leopard which may make a developer’s life even easier and help getting things done even faster.

The first one is a GUI addition to a Terminal’s DIFF command — I assume everyone know what this is about. Changes is a promising application which allows you not only to compare 2 text files but also compare and sync 2 directories. It support a variety of text editors (TextMate, BBEdit etc.) as well as Terminal, has built-in integration with the MacFUSE as well as version control integration (Subversion, CVS etc). The beautifully designed UI looks really well under the OS X Leopard.


Another hot pick for this Monday is a Quick Look — the Mac OS X Leopard amazing feature allowing you to preview documents without actually opening it — plugin that renders source code with syntax highlighting. QLColorCode brings the Quick Look feature to a higher level. Take a look at this screenshot to get the idea:



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