AspNetEmail component: bulk emailing without delays

During my recent work, I occasionally discovered several nice features in AspNetEmail component, which might be used in ASP.NET web projects while sending bulk emails. Emailing is often required, for instance,

  • to notify site members about new comments posted in a thread they subscribed.
  • to notify site admin about new users registered during the day.
  • to invite new members on the site.

Eventually, the task may require sending hundreds emails from a web-page, which may lead to hanging many seconds or even minutes until the web request is finished. To avoid it, you can implement emailing in a separate thread. Here is where AspNetEmail component comes up with a smart solution. It provides an API method for asynchronous bulk emailing. The email logic, utilized this API call inside a web page, is being executed asynchronously, so the web request is completed immediately and the web-page is refreshed without delay. Very handy to use!


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