Small Textmate productivity tip for Rails developers

Small tip on how to organize Textmate project drawer for your Rails project, to be more productive and get a less cluttered project overview.

The whole trick revolves around Groups, Textmate feature that rarely gets attention from community. Groups allow you to group (surprise!) folders or files in a way that is different from their native hierarchical structure. A picture worth a thousand words. Here’s how with usage of Textmate groups we transformed this view:

To this:

For my taste, last way is much easier on eyes. It hides things that are rarely needed and highlights stuff that you spend 95% of your time with. To do something similar for yourself, just create empty Textmate project and drag folders you use often (usually it’s app/ folder contents) to drawer. Then click on empty space in drawer and create a new group, then drag everything that’s left there.

That’s it! I hope somebody will find it useful. But of course we all have lots of little secrets that let us be more happy and productive while doing our work. Care to share your tips in comments?


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