Hi, we’re Wildbit. We create products such as Beanstalk, Postmark and dploy.io.
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Our Products

Beanstalk – Version control with a human face

Beanstalk is a hosted service offering Git and SVN version control, collaboration tools and instant deployments for your web apps. It has built-in integration with your favorite tools such as Basecamp, FogBugz, Lighthouse and more.

Beanstalk screenshot

Postmark – Email delivery for web apps

Postmark helps small and large businesses deliver and track transactional emails. Stop worrying about setup, delivery, and server maintenance. We already excel at this.

Postmark screenshot

dploy.io – Continuous deployment for everyone

dploy.io lets you instantly deploy your apps from GitHub, Bitbucket or your own repositories to one or many servers in one click.

dploy screenshot

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